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Hello! Were you looking for I bet you were! Pam's new project is called "Pam's Club," and that's where we've redirected you to. We've got the same great team that's been bringing you quilting designs and patterns for years. Pam, Robert, Susan, Dallas, and The Incredible Hulk are all still here!

For our old quilting friends, all of the patterns from Pam Bono Designs have been moved to Pam's Club in the STORE.  You DO NOT have to be a member to purchase them, and you will find the prices to be exactly the same as they were on Pam Bono Designs. You can click here to visit our store.

The only difference between our old store and our new store is that we no longer print out patterns and mail them to you. They are all downloaded and you can save them, back them up, and print them out only when you are ready to make a specific project. Click here to read why.

If you're looking for our old FREE DOWNLOADS, they're here now. You can find them under Free For Everyone.

For those who are new to Pam Bono Designs, you have been automatically directed to our new website, Pam's Club.  Click here to Check It Out and see all of the beautiful designs that we have to offer you along with great video workshops and goodies.

OVER 145 free patterns, goodies and videos.  A value well over $700.00.
Save 60% on Pam Bono Designs patterns in our STORE! Click here to join now!


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